Labour Contract

Labour Contract

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Legalization of Labour Contract

1. Employers submit draft employment contracts to the Embassy for approval via email at [email protected] . The subject of the email should indicate clearly the name of the company, while the body of the email should provide a list of prospective employees (with names and numbers of passports). Documents to be submitted are:

     1.1 Draft employment contracts in two languages (English and Thai). These draft contracts should NOT be affixed with the employers’ and employees’ signatures.

     1.2 Copies of passports of the employers and employees.


2. The Embassy will inform the employers of the result approximately within seven (7) working days (starting after the date of submission) via email.


3. The employer has to verify  his/her signature on the English version of the contract officially at The Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade (or at the Notary public & District Court), and then legalize it at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland


4. Employers submit the employment contracts, legalized by the relevant local authorities, to the Consular Section of the Embassy with supporting documents as follow:   

     4.1 Legalization Request Form and 80 PLN fee per contract;

     4.2 A copy of passport of the employer, signed and dated to certify true copy;

     4.3 A copy of passport of the employee, signed and dated to certify true copy;

     4.4 A copy of every page of the employment contracts;

     4.5 In case of new salon, photos of the salon and accommodation for the employee are required;

     4.6 A copy of Permit for Employment.


If all required documents are in order, the Embassy will consider and approve the contracts approximately within three (3) working days (starting after the date of submission). The Embassy will only certify the genuine signature of the authorized person of relevant local authorities and will assume no responsibility for the content of the document. This is in accordance with the Regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Legalization of Documents B.E. 2539 (1996).


5. Once the employment contracts are legalized by the Embassy, the employers should send the said contracts with the Embassy’s seal to Thailand for the employees to sign. Afterwards, the Thais should report their travelling abroad to the provincial office of employment, the district 1-10 office of employment, or the Office of Overseas Employment Administration (additional information on this can be found at